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Self-taught. Illustration. Wild Flowers. Creatures.

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Yeah, you’re totally right! No worries. I actually thought of that before and I just keep on forgetting to make one, but thanks for telling me altogether! God bless your wonderful soul! xx

Not at all! I suck at it, and it’s not something I want to get into right now.

Ohh, no! I’m honoured with your suggestion, but I’m extremely bad at teaching! I can’t even teach my own sister properly… However, I can make a process video of how I work. That might help. 😊 Though I can’t say when I’ll be able to do one. I have a pretty tight schedule right now. xx

Thanks! I either use Moleskine Watercolor Pad or Canson Montval Aquarelle for my paper. As for my watercolor, I use Winsor & Newton. xx

Thanks! That’s really wonderful to hear! I use Daler-Rowney and Museum Emerald for brushes, and a Winsor & Newton set for watercolors (specifically this one). xx


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Really? Wow, thanks! Lately, I’ve been influenced by my sister to lean into a healthier lifestyle - going with organic food and less junk, that kind of thing.

I really don’t do much, but yeah, I do love veggies and fruits, and I eat them on a daily basis. Eating salad has become a part of our lunch and dinner at home. I also drink lots of water, especially now that it’s summer. But during cold days, I love drinking tea.

Contrary to what you believe, I have flaws too - a lot, actually. I just think that the key to maintaining good skin is to cleanse and moisturise daily. It’s also important to get enough sleep. I’m a night-person, so sometimes I sleep past midnight, but since I don’t have classes I get to recover it and I wake up late as well, which is mostly around lunchtime. My skin is sensitive so I don’t use much. Though on occasion, I exfoliate, which I believe is a must. x

Yeah! The one I use is really for watercolor, not just the plain sketchbook.

Nope, sorry!


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Aww, thank you! xx