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Just revamped my journal! I’ll be posting a new entry soon! Stay tuned! x

August 30, 2014


$4 just for the hosting! I use Three-Words. ✨



If it’s really your dream job and you’re passionate about it, then nothing should sway you from pursuing it. You are your own master. Don’t let outside forces control your desires. But also, don’t limit yourself to just that. Always be open to changes. You never know what may come out of it. x 

Tumblr is a great platform for viewer exposure! Although, if you’re looking for a more professional space, I wouldn’t suggest posting your works here. 

I post quick updates and share my works on Tumblr and basically do everything else on my website - like managing my shop, working on my portfolio and doing write-ups for my journal. The only difference is I get to update my Tumblr more frequently compared to my website, since I don’t always have the time to do blog posts.

Thanks a lot! I frequently travel to Hong Kong because my mom’s work is based there. It’s where we mostly stay during summer or the holidays. x

I don’t think so. You’ll receive an e-mail once you do - at least that’s what happened when I made it back then. My work - Fennec Fox - didn’t have a blue tag when it got on the radar.

Yep, I certainly did! She’s even more wonderful in person! 

Oh, thank you kindly! There’s nothing to be jealous about darling! If anything, I find myself less desirably so than what people make me out to be. 

Ahh, gosh! Thanks a lot! 

My classes start on September, and we’re still undecided where I’ll be pursuing my studies. But at this point, I personally think SCAD is too far gone for me - the tuition is just too much despite the scholarship that I was given. So I might resume my previous course, which is Interior Design, at PSID. 

Thanks! The owls love ya back!

I set them based on the size of what the client will get, including the cost of the materials. Some rate them on a timeframe, but I’m still figuring out how I can shift to that price setting. So for now, I stick with the former. This is honestly the difficult part for me too. The key is to know how much your worth and back that up with the skills and things you’ve learned over time. It’s good to start at a small reasonable price - but not too cheap in a way that you’re already underestimating yourself. If people love your work enough to pay for them, then that’s all that matters.

I didn’t ask for any help on my website. I just based it on the theme I got and tweaked it to my taste. 

I’m 19, by the way. Hope this helps! Good luck with your shop!

Happy Sunday! x

Because it’s short and catchy. Catacutan is just too lengthy to hold on to, especially for the purpose of social media. My friends would tease me about it but I wasn’t exactly ridiculed because of my surname. We would all just laugh it off and I never took offense to any of it. What actually caught people’s attention more is my first name. x