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April 25, 2014 · 9 notes

The sketchbook in my recent posts is a Moleskine, which I solely use for watercolor. The .5 mechanical pencil is a Pilot and I got that from NBS. xx

I wouldn’t say I dropped it ‘badly’. At some point, I’ve dropped it at least… Twice? Not so sure how many times. But one time, I forgot it was on my lap so when I stood up it fell. Good thing it was inside its pouch case thing when it happened though.


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April 23, 2014 · 20 notes

A lot! I don’t stick to a particular genre or band, but some of my all-time faves are The Script, The Fray, CHVRCHES, Bear Attack, Neon Trees, The Lumineers, Kodaline, Goo Goo Dolls and OneRepublic. xx

It’s Jay-mee. 😊

Thanks! I’m glad to hear that! Well, I really can’t think of any tips to say other than just do it. I guess what’s important is to build up your confidence and figure out the type of work you want to showcase to your audience.

Initially, my blog started out as something where I can show my journey as an artist, kind of like a portfolio. It went from posting my drawings and paintings to sharing my film or digital shots, then later on alternating between the two - photography and art. I have a passion for both, but a bigger one for the latter. As I progressed, I just found it easier to post my works.

My blog became an outlet where I can dump/share my adventure and art with anyone who sees it. But I still care about the quality of work I share. I believe it’s also important to be selective when you post your works online - whether it be photos, written work or art - because it will have a reflection of who you are as a person as well. Hope this helped! xx


April 22, 2014 · 26 notes

Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you! xx

Thank you! I’ve actually attended a watercolor workshop before where I learned the basics, but the rest is self-thought! I’m very passionate with what I do, and that’s mainly the reason I’m able to hone my skills that I have now and drives me to create such pieces. I love nature and animals and my works reflect them. I mostly spend my days experimenting, researching and just learning and experiencing whatever I can with drawing and painting. Also, I believe practice and determination is the key to it all. 

I know how you feel, when I started painting with watercolors I also have no idea what I was going to do or how I’m going to start. I guess attending the workshop helped a lot. But an alternative I can suggest is watching videos on YouTube and searching techniques online - anything that can help you as a beginner. Even now, I find myself trying to learn different things that I can do with watercolor so I can get a feel of what suits best for me. Seeing works of other artists and studying them also helps! Try doing the same and eventually you’ll know what to do and get the hang of it! xx

Oh wow, that’s wonderful! Thank you so much! 😄 Wish I could’ve seen it though!

Thanks! I’ll try to make one soon! xx


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